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vPSI Online Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library System

Whether you use JSA, JHA, Tool Box Talk, Risk Assessment, Safety Huddle or some other Pre-Task Planning (PTP) process, the ultimate objective is the same: To make the task go according to plan, the way you want it to, with no nasty surprises. Graduates of vPSI Training know how to make these processes more effective by incorporating a checklist of assignments that become preventive corrective actions when implemented.

Now vPSI has made the Pre-Task Planning process even more robust, with the development of this Online Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library System which includes the following functionalities:

  • Create a new vPSI-style pre-task planning document (JSA, JHA, etc) by following a "wizard" led, simple, step-by-step process based on the well established Hazard Groups approach
  • Search for an existing PTP document created by another user that relates to the task at hand
  • Modify and customize an existing document to fit the current task situation
  • Easily access regularly used PTP documents from your personal "My Documents" page
  • Store PTP documents
  • Share PTP documents

Get Started Right Away

Whether you are an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, you can reap the benefits of vPSI's automated approach to Pre-Task Planning. The system includes free user accounts with full functionality, operating in an open environment public Pre-Task Planning Document Library. Corporate accounts are available, including additional administrative and access management features, along with opportunities to customize the user interface and final output. Click This Link to find out all the details about obtaining a subscription.

Advanced Ideas, Focused Solutions

What Does vPSI Do? Note that the PTP Library is just one part of vPSI's extended list of services and offerings. The vPSI SystemTM measures how organizations respond to (and deal with) problems:

  • Focuses on Safety Problems (Accidents / Incidents)
  • Applicable to all problem types (Maintenance / Service Quality)
  • Forward looking metrics (Rewards Problem Solving)

The vPSI SystemTM facilitates permanent problem elimination:

  • Prevents Problem (Accident) repetition
  • Inhibits bureaucracy
  • Prunes multiple ineffective remedial actions

Please Contact Us or visit http://vPSIGroup.Com to learn all of the ways that the vPSI SystemTMcan benefit your organization.