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Three Ways to Sign Up!

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To Join and Take Advantage of Your Company's Existing Subscription:

Do the following...
  • Send an email to your company's vPSI Library administrator with your request.
  • They will send you an invitation email.
  • Click the link in the email to accept the invitation and activate your membership.
  • Once activated, you can log in to see all the Pre-Task Planning documents within the group you were assigned.
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To Register for Free Access to vPSI's OPEN LIBRARY:

Your free user account includes the following functionality, operating in an open environment public PTP Document Library:
  • Create a new vPSI-style pre-task planning document (JSA, JHA, etc) by following a "wizard" led, simple, step-by-step process based on Hazard Groups
  • Search for an existing PTP document created by another user that relates to the task at hand
  • Modify and customize an existing document to fit the current task situation
  • Easily access regularly used PTP documents from a personal "My Documents" page
  • Store PTP documents
  • Share PTP documents
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To Purchase a New Subscription For Yourself Or Your Company:

Corporate accounts enjoy the full functionality of vPSI's Pre-Task Planning Tool & Library System with additional features:
  • Controlled Access
  • Customization of Output Document Templates
  • Private PTP Document Libarary
  • Controlled Sharing of PTP documents
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